Video project 2


Video 3

I have one apple a day for breakfast.

This is walnut ice cream.
I like sweets like chocolate, ice cream, and so on.

I prefer to go journey with my friend.
This shoot is the day when we start for our journey.

Delicious dessert

Mango Smoothie add coconut is very sweet, delicous, and cool!


This is Mint Chocolate. I like the mint flavor.


Korean Pumpkin Malt Candy is very sticky and sweet.


Monaka is Korean traditional snack. This is very soft and taste like chestnut.


This is my father’s birthday cake. Choco cake with strawberry is very delicious dessert.


Video 2

I like spring best of all seasons in a year.
Because spring is a beautiful time when the flowers bloom.
There were lots of flowers around the my house.

I like eating delicious foods.
And I also like chatting with my friends while we eat lunch.
Budae Jjigae is a type of jjigae (a thick Korean stew) popular in Korea.

This clip shows the view from the my window.